Frequently Asked Questions

AML Frequentley Asked Questions

Is it TRUE that those that register with AML get MORE than just a directory listing?

YES IT IS! - The Australia My Land Business Initiative concept is centred on two things: helping Australians and our overseas visitors get to know more about Australia and helping Aussie businesses succeed!

This also means the whole concept of the Australia My Land Associate Market (AML-AM) is to direct people from within Australian and around the globe visiting our websites who are looking for information about Australia, Australian products and services to Australian Businesses.

But we can tell you that it is MORE than that! Our team fully understand what it is like to be running an Australian business and the difficulties that go along with it! Trying to keep up with the ever changing new concepts of Information Technology (IT) and the Internet.

So have developed and put together a range of very easy to use online tools that will help Australian businesses grow.

So YES! You do get more! A lot more!

It starts when the registration is completed within seconds a unique Free - Full Page Advertisement AML Associate Profile website is issued that can be used as a primary website or an advertising tool to boost your Search Engine rankings with genuine links to our clients website or websites that are already online. As an example, you have a business website already the new profile AML Advertisement site is NOT a replacement site but a driving site!

Once registered and your Full Page Advertisement AML Profile website is issued, a Free Directory Listing is also generated about your business and placed into the new Australia My Land Business Directory

AML also provide you an opportunity via a number of options for you to promote your business to our already registered Associates.
Businesses are run by people and it is people that buy product, so all of our AML associates are mostly potential customers!

Am I able to promote other things like a hobby or club besides my business my AML-AM Personal Profile Website?


Yes! That is the very idea behind the AML Initiative. The freely issued AML websites are able to promote, advertise, sell or DRIVE any type of business or project, Hobbies, Clubs, Charities, Establish and non-established business. Keeping in mind family’s use our sites!

You can also have others register from your AML website and they can also promote your business or project. Many of our free associates do upgrade to Corporate Associate. Which opens more doors and allows you to ask friends, family, customers and other businesses to join AML-AM giving then the opportunity to promote your business as a Preferred Supplier. Just imagine all of your customers and family with an AML-AM websites all linking to YOUR profile and your business website - now THAT is promotion!

When registering or upgrading to an AML Key or Corporate Business Associate a second business profile page is issued and that page is included in the Surf Businesses Programme. Those upgrading also enjoy the extra Website Advertising, and the inclusive Upgraded Directory Listings.

More importantly it is about putting your name and website in front of Search Engines with important content related backlinks.

Website Advertising on AML Partner Website Pages PLUS AML-AM Social Marketing is something each Business can use as important online Business Drivers according to their advertising budget.

Advertising Packages can be purchased from AML RESOURCES or from within an Associates Management Console (Back Office) simply by logging in and clicking on the Associate Level tab.

Do I ever have to PAY anything with AML-AM?


You are able to remain a Free AML- AM Associate for the long term or as long as you want, indefinitely! - AND – With AML as a promotor of the AML Business Initiative you can still earn a little money doing it.

Can I make money with AML?


All AML Associates FREE – KEY and COROPRATE are placed into a situation where they can take up the opportunity to generate and income, just by introducing others to the initiative.

Even Free Associates are able to generate a small income.

All AML Associates are able to upgrade for a small annual fee you can become Key or Corporate Associate and DOUBLE your prospects on income!



Those registering as Corporate Associates are placed into the BONZA ($1000) BONUS REWARDS CIRCUIT and have the opportunity to cycle over and over. Meaning we pay our advertisers via an opportunity to gain a reward for effort!

Is there ever a time where I ever have to SELL anything with AML-AM?


You are able to remain as a FREE AML Associate or you can upgrade that is entirely up to you. You will always receive our newsletters and be offered saving on purchases from our Business Associates and you can participating in any of our promotions. We also have an online indispensable Resources Library that EVERY Associate of AML-AM has available to them where they can take advantage and learn more about computers, online marketing and lots of other things about technology.

Am I able to promote My AML-AM Business?

YES YOU CAN - IT`S DEAD EASY MATE! We promote the idea - You scratch my back mate and I will scratch yours”

We strongly recommend that all our associates FREE – KEY or CORPORATE promote AML. You are promoting an all Australian Business that promotes Australia and Australian businesses. We all need to buy Australian and we all need to be a part of any promotion that drives people to buy Australian.

So for those AML Associates that would like to actively promote the AML-AM Business Initiative thru the Associate Market programme. We have available by order, Business Cards, Flyers and printed material all with their name, phone, email and AML-AM Nickname for use in promotion. PLUS you have your AML website in place to take people to. We are also in the process of building PowerPoint presentations and other online materials to make it easier to promote AML-AM.

Do you sell memberships?


Membership infers we are a club and have members this is not so. Every person or business that registers with AML becomes an Associate – Associate infers partner or part of a team. What we do at AML in very simple terms is; we scratch your back and you scratch ours. We all help and promote each other and at the same time we promote Australia! We work together as a team to drive Australia and Australian business!

Do we want you on board?


Become an AML Associate Register here!

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