Backlinks are also called or known as inlinks, inbound, incoming links or inward links. They are incoming links to a website or page usually from another website, an online directory or advertisement, they can also be generated by the social page promotion or advertising.

Backlinking improves search engine rankings

A good high quality backlink? The answer about quality can be somewhat subjective.

Today we have hundreds of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts (so called) and just about all have different opinions. But they would tell you that a good quality backlink would require a number of different factors and a backlink containing all those different factors would be the best backlink?

It goes without saying obtaining backlinks (links) from other websites that are performing well online and directing those to your website is a super effective way to improve you websites ranking in the search engines.

However one needs to keep in mind that NOT ALL backlinks are effective!
Some backlinks will not do the job and some of these could have a very negative effect on your rankings. So we need to be conscious of the fact to look for the best high quality backlinks.

Therefore the business we are going to link to needs to be relevant…
A website selling cars would not link to a website selling food products! But a travel site could link to a site selling accommodation.
So with that in mind it is very logical that relevance is a consideration when the search engines evaluate backlinks, which is the primary factor that affects where sites rank in the search results.

We also need to keep in mind that a backlink can be relevant on a number of different levels.
The search engines will consider the overall relevance of the linking site and the relevance of the information written on a specific page or specific pages with the link on it and will take into consideration the relevance of the content directly surrounding the link.

The following four businesses websites are all selling different services, Dial A Driver Australia Wide sells a service to drive you home in your own car - Elite Mobile Cool Rooms Hire out mobile cool rooms - Silver Cloud wedding cars hires cars for weddings and All Day Locksmiths is a service.
We were discussing relevancy and mentioned that we should not be linking to sites that are NOT relevant to our business. So where is the relevance here?

AML Associate Dial A Driver Sydney
AML Associate Elite Mobile Cool Rooms
AML Associate Silver Cloud Cars
AML Associate All Day Locksmiths

Dial a Driver Australia Wide has a section on their website selling a wedding car driver services.
Elite Mobile Cool Rooms Hire, hires mobile cool rooms for weddings. Silver Cloud Wedding Cars hire cars for weddings.
All Day Locksmiths has advertisements on the side of the website promoting those three websites - So the relevancy is weddings.

These four business are also AML Associates and all have AML Profile Websites. These AML websites create quality BACK LINKS or search engine DRIVERS It should be noted that each one of these businesses have advertisements of the other business on their websites and all are listed on many first pages in the search engines.

AML Associate Dial A Driver Sydney
AML Associate Elite Mobile Cool Rooms
AML Associate Silver Cloud Cars
AML Associate All Day Locksmiths

One cannot expect every backlink to be perfect, sometimes backlinks will not meet every standard, that does not make the link low quality.

So! A backlink placed in the main content of a page, and mentioned early or near the top of the content area, that is considered to be more high quality link.
Interestingly the above four displayed business websites - Dial A Driver Sydney - Elite Mobile Cool Rooms Hire - Silver Cloud Wedding Cars and All Day Locksmiths are being promoted on this site, which is creating a very good quality backlink for each of these sites. All have hot links (backlinks) on this page so should you click on the image of any of these sites you will be taken direct to their website, therefore we have created a backlink to each of those sites!

What AML can do for you, your business and website!

You make a start by registering as an AML Associate, immediately after completing the registration a Free Full Page Advertisement AML Profile Website is issued and you are able to ad content and an image. This also generates a Free business listing in our NEW online Australian business Directory Australia My Land creating two quality backlinks for your business website.

Become an AML Associate Register here!

When adding content to your new AML Profile website be sure not to copy and paste information from your business website.

The search engines do not like duplicated copy, so make your copy is fresh and new and be sure to include the domain address (website address) a link to your website.

You're freely issued Full Page Advertisement AML Profile becomes a second internet presence and a DRIVER for your business website because of the content you add and hot link or links are better back to your business website.

Once registered and your Full Page Advertisement AML Profile Website is online, you are able to login change the information from OUR story to YOUR story. You can add, remove or change the information as often as you wish, in fact the search engines like to see changes made on your business and AML sites often. Constant changes keep the search spiders interested and the more action you take to update your websites the more interested they become.

Website performance - You want to see where your website is landing in the search engines, that is the page your website is landing on and the position on the page. If your website is not showing on the first 100 pages you have an issue with the way the website has been built! .

Typing in your website address is NOT the way to see where you website is landing you need to complete a number of keyword searches. So if you are a locksmith you might type into a search locksmith in your suburb, or other key word related to your business website and see where your website is landing on these pages.

Then keep copies of the searches for the next time you complete a search. In that way you can see where your site is improving in rank. You can also change the content on the pages of your website to suit the search phrase – simple SEO you can do yourself.


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