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Australia My Land is about helping "Aussie Bricks and Mortar Businesses”. Our main goal is to promote and assist drive all of our registered AML Associates and their Australian business websites to people within Australia and internationally, by continuing to building their customer bases.
Our AML Associates Business Success Completes Your Business Success

The Internet is global, it is a very powerful business tool and the very best resource to use in this promotion.

The internet is powerful

THE AUSTRALIA MY LAND WEBSITE is seen by people from all around the world.

More than half the world’s population has access to the internet with goal being to have everyone on earth online by the year 2020.

Business must have an online prescents. In days past everyone could get away with not having a website or an advertisement on the internet, in todays world - YOU HAVE TO ADVERTISE A BUSINESS ONLINE!

Regardless to where a business operates from, a small country town to the largest cities in Australia. Australian Businesses should be mindful that the internet promotes businesses from all over the world and by using it well, those other business are able to attract YOUR customers!

Moreover with more and more website coming online, Australian businesses need to be sure that their websites are advertised and the website has drivers in place to help the site be found by the search engines or your business will be left behind!

Every website online needs to be considered as an ongoing work in progress. Websites need to be actioned and up dated as often as possible! Adding new content and refreshing your website not only keeps the visitors coming back, the constant refreshing work keeps the search engines spiders much more interested.

Australia My Land assist our AML associates businesses by offering a range of internet advertising promotions like the AML Full Page Advertisement Business Profile Associate Websites.

Every person or business registering with Australia My Land becomes AML Associate and are supplied AML Full Page Advertisement Business Profile Associate Websites within minutes of registering.

Plus every new business registration (once submitted) triggers a totally FREE listing in our NEW Online Business Directory. Something for nothing - FREE! These two standalone AML features or benefits assist in creating two very positive business backlinks drivers!

The overall aim for each of our advertising businesses is for AML to help drive that advertising business forward in the online search engine rankings.

Everyone is able to register! If your new to the advertising online and do not have a website?

Registering with AML-AM is one of the very best starting points for a new business. As once the registration is completed the same applies a new AML Profile Full Page Advertisement website is issued and this will act as the first online presences for that business. Your new AML Profile website IS A REAL WEBSITE and operates just the same as any other website working on the internet and there is no cost to it!

AML Internet Benefits

After you have registered and your AML Profile site has been issued. You can immediately start adding content and an image. The back office in each AML Profile website is very easy to use and you have NO annual domain name or hosting costs.

You are then able to ask, friends, family, staff and other business people register from you AML website, from the Kangaroo HOP IN link (you will find that in red on your front page.) Then those people or businesses can help you promote your business.

What is the very best AML benefit? Today growth in the internet is enormous it is expanding at a rapid rate; it is becoming a necessity by the day that businesses need more than one website on one page on the internet.

Australian Businesses with only one website online need to understand if they wish to capture a market they need to have their website showing on multiple pages, listed under dozens of key word phrases on the internet.

Everyone needs to do more, much more! INTERNET DRIVERS ARE NECESSARY! The benefit, with AML is you can have hundreds or more people driving your business.

Your FREE AML website will create those DRIVERS and ADVERTISE your business or special interest. Your AML website opens the door, with your help to attract others in to help you drive you’re business.

Australia My Land.com.au

Just imagine you are on a beach anywhere in the world and pick up just one grain of sand from the billions of others, ONE GRAIN!
NOW compare your website in the same way. One website amongst millions and millions of others online and they all want to be on page one? I can tell you that is Impossible!

BUT! By having others that register from your AML site, they are able to promote you and you can promote them. Your AML profile websites helps you get found NOT ONLY on one page one in the search engines but many first pages.

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